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Pharmaceutical industry is set to achieve greater heights with the demand to bring out low cost generics as well medicines for newer and most complicated diseases. Innovation is the demand of the day. To innovate, people are who are fully equipped are required. This means that the younger generation which is coming out of collages need to take up such challenges. They need to be equipped for the same.
For the above to happen, the present student community must be ready. Are they ready? Unfortunately, they are not. The present system of education in pharmacy colleges does not prepare the students for coping with the demand placed on them by the industry. The reasons are that the teachers employed by colleges do not have any exposure to industry and the interaction between industry and educational institutions are far and few between with only a few high profile urban centered colleges having tie up with industries.
Quality education which is focused towards preparing the students for the industry is found wanting especially in colleges situated in rural areas. These students while highly enthusiastic lack the support that they very badly need.
This is where GMP Pharma consultants have stepped in. The promoters who have rich experience in the industry though it fit to give back to the society, by sharing the knowledge, with the student community. This will help the students prepare themselves for stepping into the industry with confidence and ease.
Their good intentions got translated into action when Sri Vishnu College of Pharmacy approached GMP Pharma consultants to offer help to students of M. Pharm, who have a compulsorily subject of quality assurance and regulatory affairs for all streams viz. Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical analysis and Pharmaceutical chemistry.
GMP Pharma consultants have been training the students of this college in all aspects of quality assurance and regulatory affairs with total focus on industry. They have been conducting interactive sessions where the students are given an opportunity to express themselves. GMP Pharma consultants have given the students practical exercises in preparation of procedures, documents and protocols. The students have been taken on tour to various industrial units to have an on the spot study of various practices.
The students have been continuously evaluated and in order to motivate them, the best students have been rewarded.
GMP Pharma consultants have even voluntarily trained the students on simple managerial techniques such as communication abilities, oral presentation skills, time management and supervisory abilities.
The students are fortunate to have such inputs which makes them that much more confident to face the industry.
GMP Pharma consultants feel satisfied that they have shared their knowledge with the younger generation.
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Select students of M. Pharm have been given hands on training various aspects of GMP in factories which are manufacturing both APIs and formulations.
All students of the batch of 2011 - 12 have been taken on an industrial tour to show them manufacturing and control activities covering secondary packaging materials, APIs/ Intermediate , Formulations and FMCG products.
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